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Three Reasons Why We Love Cats

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It’s National Cat Day, which makes it a purr-fect time for the Pet Vet Animal Hospitals team to tell you all the ways in which we love cats. There are many, but we’ll keep it short with these three reasons:

  1. cat-649164_1920Their easy care. Cats are the easiest pets to care for. They don’t need you to let them outside in the middle of the night or take them for a walk. All they need is food, water, a clean place to potty, and love.
  2. Their love. While we’re on the topic of love, let us also say that cats do it so well. Whether lying in your lap or snuggling up against your leg, a cat wants to show his or her love. It’s also easy to know when they’re feeling loved – by the sound of their purrs!
  3. Their ability to make us laugh. Cats are moody, moving from serious to playful in a matter of seconds, and there’s just something about them that makes us laugh, no matter their mood. Maybe that’s why researchers have found that having a cat lowers our risk of death from a heart attack by 30%, making laughter truly the best medicine!

If you’re looking for a vet to take care of the new addition to your family, whether a young kitten or senior cat, we invite you to bring him or her to any of our four Pet Vet Animal Hospitals locations. We promise to treat your cat just like our own. After all, we love cats, so call us today.

Your Pet Safety Checklist

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cat-71494_1280In case you don’t know, October is dedicated as “National Animal Safety and Protection Month,” an initiative near and dear to all of our hearts as pet owners and animal lovers. To assist you in your pet safety efforts, your Pet Vet Animal Hospitals team has compiled the following checklist of three critical to do’s regarding your dog, cat, or other pet:

  1. Pet-proof your home. Our pets are curious creatures by nature and will nosy into anything they can. That’s why it’s important we pet-proof our homes, putting away anything toxic, like cleaners, insect sprays, and even some plants. Your “pet-proofing” should include any area your pet has access to, including the inside of your house, the garage, or your yard.
  2. Identify them. It’s highly likely that, at some point in their lives, your pets will escape your home or grasp. Don’t take any chances. Make sure he or she is wearing a collar with an identification tag and that its information includes an up-to-date phone number. A micro-chip is also a great idea.
  3. Keep them confined. If your pet does happen to get away from you, know that there are other bad things that can happen outside of them just being lost, including injury or theft. Therefore, when you’re unable to keep your watchful eye on them, while at work or school, make sure your pets are in a confined area, such as a fenced yard or inside your home, to help keep them safe.

With Halloween approaching, we also want to remind all of our customers of two important holiday safety tips for your pets. First, sadly, cat safety, especially for black cats, is at a heightened risk on Halloween. Therefore, we urge you to keep your cats inside or confined around this time to help keep them safe. Second, please know that candy is not good for your animals, and you should do your best to ensure it’s out of their reach at all times.

Should you run into an emergency regarding the health of your dog or cat, don’t hesitate to contact Pet Vet Animal Hospitals or bring them to one of our four locations for treatment. We’re also always happy to answer any questions you have on how to provide the best pet safety for your furry family members.

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week!

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At Pet Vet Animal Hospitals, we are very fortunate to have our great team of veterinary technicians, aka vet techs. However, if you’re one of our beloved customers, we don’t have to tell you that. They’re the friendly faces you see in the exam room first to provide the comfort your dog or cat needs to ease into the visit. (Several of their faces you’ve actually seen for more than 15 years!) They do so much, and with it being National Veterinary Technician Week, we want to recognize them for their everyday efforts.

Vet techs set the stage for our veterinarians to do their jobs. They ask questions, get vitals, take x-rays, and collect specimens to assist in getting to the root of an issue. They administer and monitor anesthesia and assist our doctors during procedures to help get your pet ok. They give scratches and hugs for anyone that may need them. In short, they do everything aside from making diagnoses, performing surgery, and prescribing meds – they do a lot for all of us.

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week to all of the vet techs out there, especially ours. You are family, and we appreciate all that you do to help keep our customers’ fur babies safe and healthy. We invite you to visit any of our four Pet Vet Animal Hospitals locations to experience the care of our wonderful vet techs.

Meet a few of our wonderful vet techs!
(Pictured clockwise: Jesse, Mariah, Joana, and Hannah)
                             Vet tech collage



Have you walked your dog today?

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dog-237187_1280Walking your dog offers many benefits for both you and your canine friend, and with it being “National Walk Your Dog Week,” we want to tell you all about them! Here are three big reasons you should walk your dog daily:

  1. Walking keeps them healthy. No surprise here, but it’s a great reminder that while you’re away at work or school all day, your dog is likely lying around. Therefore, it’s important to get in some exercise to keep him or her from becoming too sedentary and overweight. In turn, your dog will be better equipped to fight disease and stay healthy. (The same goes for you!)
  2. Walking keeps them occupied. A stroll through the neighborhood offers so much more than the scenery in your backyard and allows your dog to take in all sorts of sights and smells. By giving them this opportunity, you’ll help satisfy their need for adventure and keep them from creating trouble within your home or yard.
  3. Walking keeps them happy. If they’re healthy and occupied, they’re obviously going to be happier. Furthermore, there’s nothing a dog loves more than to spend quality time with its owner, and walking is a great way to bond with him or her.

We know it can be hard with all that life brings to carve out time to walk your dog. However, we encourage you to find a slot that works within your everyday schedule, whether substituting 15-20 minutes of tv or computer time, and make it a daily routine. Simply put the leash by the door as a reminder, and hit the streets at the point best for you. Trust us; you’ll enjoy the sunshine, exercise, and quality moments, just as much as your dog.

Should you need some advice on how much activity your dog needs, schedule an appointment with your Pet Vet Animal Hospitals location. We’re happy to provide an exam to assess his or her physical health, so that you two can safely get your walk on every day.