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New Year for Your Dog: Sileo

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Happy New Year puppyThe New Year is coming. Around the world, fireworks will go off, people will shout and celebrate, and stressed-out dogs will shiver and hide. If your dog is afraid of loud noises like those made during New Year’s Eve, ask your Pet Vet veterinarian about Sileo®—a treatment with the ability to help dogs with noise-related anxiety.

Sileo® is an oral gel solution. The gel comes in a 3-mL syringe, and is administered by putting dots of the medication between the dog’s cheek and gum, where it is absorbed. The primary active ingredient is dexmedetomidine hydrochloride. This acts as a sedative that is mild enough to be safe, but strong enough to keep the dog calm.

Sileo® is a practical treatment; you can still interact normally with your dog because it is not pure sedation. Giving your dog the medication is also easy—you can do it at home. It acts quickly, allowing you and your dog to leave anxiety behind and enjoy yourselves, and your celebrations.

Ultimately, it is an easy solution to a difficult problem that is all too common. Noise-related anxiety is a well-known struggle for dogs and owners. Many pet parents and veterinarians work hard to find a way to manage it. Some owners get frustrated because it seems like there is no way to fix it, and a few even give up their animals because of it. This medication is a simple treatment for a complicated problem. It is also the only FDA-approved treatment for canine noise aversion. It has even been proven safe and effective in studies conducted during New Year’s Eve.

So, as the New Year approaches, keep Sileo® in mind if your pet suffers from canine noise aversion and other related anxieties. Everyone can enjoy their New Year’s Eve.

December and Winter Pet Adoptions

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dogs people connection adoptionHave you considered adopting, or been longing for a pet, but have been putting it off? This winter could be the perfect time to visit your local shelters in search of the dog or cat that’s right for you. Consider adopting from a shelter this season.

There are millions of animals in desperate need of care out there, and many of them are not in shelters. Even those in shelters may not last terribly long there if not adopted; shelters get overwhelmed by the amount of abandoned animals, and many will be put down. In these winter months, with cold temperatures and people on leave for holidays, the need for homes willing to take animals in is high.

Because of this need, some shelters offer significant discounts on all adoption fees. Those fees include important things like spaying and neutering, checkups, vaccinations, and more.

The Wisdom of Adoption as a Gift

A pet is a wonderful gift for a loving person who wants one. And, the experience of going to the shelter together with your family member or friend to select the animal is a likewise wonderful thing. You get all the benefits of giving a gift—the joy of watching your loved one happy and grateful—while also watching a lasting bond form between your friend and their new, long-term companion of their choice. What better holiday gift could there be?

Choosing a puppy or kitten, and bringing it home for someone is nice. However, for many reasons, this has resulted in pets being abandoned, eventually. Deciding together to give the gift of a new, furry family member, and then proceeding to the local shelters to find the perfect pet that will be with your loved one for as long as the pet lives is a much better way to assure that permanent connection. Plus, this method allows you to be certain that your friend or family member is ready, willing, and able to care for the animal from that point forward.

We always encourage those who want a pet to adopt from a shelter. If you know an adopted pet would be the perfect gift, we would be happy to help make your gift a great one by giving them the best veterinary care at Pet Vet Hospitals.

Christmas Gifts for Furry Family Members

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beautiful small kittenWe love giving gifts over the holidays. Some do it to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or other holidays, and others do it because it’s enjoyable. Pets can get in on the fun, too. After all, they give us joy all year long. So, why not give a little back to them with some new stuff they enjoy?


There is a myriad of things you could get that your cat would love. If your cat is an avid scratcher, consider a new scratching post. There are many different designs and they’re made of different materials. You can get a scratch bed, too. You can even make one.

Beds also come in many interesting designs. They can be simple, square, and soft. Or they can be set in houses and modules. There are combinations of perches and hammocks, made so that cats can climb their away around and settle in a bed overlooking the room. Perches alone are also great gifts for your climbing kitty.

Of course, your cat will always appreciate some new treats to try, and a nicer place to relieve himself or herself.


Dogs love to eat. Stuff a stocking with some new treats for your dog to try and see if any are new favorites. There are also many great toys that combine mental stimulation with food; as your dog plays, the toy releases treats. This can keep even a lazy dog going for quite some time.

Dog beds can be creative, too. You can combine your dog’s bed with a sofa table, a cabinet, and beyond. Or, you can get a simple upgrade that’s softer and more clean.

Gift Certificates

For a pet lover, and his or her animal, a gift certificate to a pet store is a great idea. So is a gift certificate to a vet to help with some of those costly vet bills. We offer such certificates at Pet Vet hospitals. Call us and let us help you give great pet care as Christmas gifts, or any type of gift, this holiday.

Holiday Pet Hazards

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pets-962215_1280Many of us are ready for winter holidays and their celebrations. We’ll eat, drink, share gifts and fun, and more. Your pets are always ready to join in the fun, too. So, it’s important to remember that things we enjoy during the holidays can be potential hazards for your pets, and to take some precautions to keep things cheerful.

Candles cause more than a glow.

Many of us love to light candles for many reasons. Sometimes they carry spiritual significance for holiday celebrations, and sometimes they just look lovely, smell good, and make us feel nice. However, pets don’t know the dangers of flame as you do. So, set candles up where pets cannot get to them and never leave them unattended.

Watch your pets around the tree.

If you set up a Christmas tree, don’t forget that those twinkling lights and strings are irresistible to many cats, and to other mischievous pets. Also, as dogs and other animals play, they may not be entirely aware of how easily a tree can fall, or stringed lights can become tangled. So, keep an eye on pets around the tree. Though watching your cat climb can be amusing, it’s ultimately not safe. It’s best not to allow it.

Keep other plants out of reach, too.

Some plants associated with the holidays are also dangerous for pets if ingested. Many of us have heard that poinsettias are poisonous, but so are holly and mistletoe. Keep them away from pets and get help immediately if the plants are ingested.

Don’t share the sweets.

Pets are definitely interested in sharing your family feast. Some foods are fine to share in small quantities. But, a large dose of sugar can be very bad for your dog or cat’s tummy. Only share small amounts of boneless, lean meat. Avoid giving them any sweets. Consider giving them their own, special, holiday pet-safe treat instead.

If you’re concerned your pet may have gotten into some trouble during the holiday celebrations, or you want to know more about how to keep them safe, just contact us at Pet Vet Hospitals.

Pets and Cold Weather

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Dog dressed with hat, scarf and sweaterThe cold weather has arrived in much of the U.S. Some people in warmer states appreciate this weather and hope for some snow. They drink warm drinks, curl up in front of the fire, and enjoy the season. Your pets enjoy some of this, too, and it’s important to remember their well-being as the temperatures drop. Just like you, animals feel the cold and can be negatively affected by it. They rely on you to help them enjoy the winter, rather than be miserable.

How much cold can your pet handle?

Each animal handles weather differently. Some pets are bred to handle cold temperatures; they may have more fat and fur protecting them. So, providing them with some extra clean bedding inside a comfy, warm house outside might be enough. Even then, however, it’s important to keep up with just how low the temperatures are dropping, and to be willing to bring them indoors when it becomes too cold. Overall, when it’s cold, it’s best to let them inside.

Keep them warm and comfy.

Wherever they are, make sure they have access to a comfortable and warm place to rest. But, when the heaters are on indoors, they also need to be able to switch to a cooler spot to avoid overheating. So, make sure they are able to be as warm or as cool as they need.

Be safe when you go outdoors.

If it’s extremely cold outside, limit your trips outdoors. If your pet needs some extra protection, try a little sweater—if your pet will allow it. Watch for signs of ice to avoid slipping, and moisture that may cause icing on your pet’s feet.

Get your pet a check-up.

The end of the year is a great time for a checkup. Not only should your pet have at least one per year, but it can help make sure there are no issues that might be aggravated by winter. It helps your pet stay healthy.

We’re here for you at Pet Vet Hospitals during all seasons. Come see us for your pet’s checkup, ask us for advice on pets and cold weather, or purchase a gift certificate for a fellow pet owner for the holidays.