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Starting the New Year with Your Pet

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A new year is on its way. Soon, people will begin preparing with hope for a year better than the last. In addition to the celebrations, they will begin preparing things like finances, and making health-related appointments for early in the year. Of course, your pets cannot do this for themselves. They need your help to be ready for everything the next year may throw at them. Start the new year with your pet in all the right ways.

Schedule a Checkup

Your pet nHappy New Year puppyeeds a doctor’s visit every year, just like you. And, just like you, when age comes, those visits might need to come twice a year. So, as you schedule your own doctor’s visits, go ahead and schedule that vet visit, too. If you get all this out of the way in the beginning of the year, you’ll be finished with it and won’t have to think about it again, hopefully, for the rest of the year.

Get Pet Insurance

Is your pet insured? You probably are, so why not your pet? Many of us put off getting pet insurance because we feel that we have time, but that incident that costs you a lot of money can happen at any time; it could happen tomorrow, in fact. Don’t put that off any longer. Make it your Christmas or Hanukkah gift to your pet. Or, if you know someone who needs it, give it as a gift to them. Helping someone take good care of their pet is always a good gift idea. That small monthly fee is nothing compared to what you could save should something happen in the coming year.

Start Saving

You have savings accounts for yourself, but do you consider your pet when you put money aside? Just like insurance, having some savings for your pet could be a great benefit for you. So, start saving this year. You don’t necessarily have to get a separate account, just add a little extra to whatever you already set aside for yourself. If you don’t use it by the end of the year, then the worst you have is some extra spending money for whatever you or your pet may need.

We can help you start the new year with your pet. Come see us a Pet Vet Hospitals.

The Cat that Marked the Couch: Cat Marking

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Has your cat marked the couch? That can be a disturbing thing to discover, as is that your cat has marked anything. The odor of cat marking is unpleasant and very hard to be rid of permanently. There are many, many sprays that claim to do the job, but even those don’t always work they way you hope. Plus, there is the added problem that once your cat has marked, stopping him from doing it again is sometimes a difficult job.

Why does my cat mark?

cat-649164_1920If a cat feels insecure about his place in the home, he may mark and area to make it feel more like it belongs to him. Other cats may cause this insecurity, but it is not uncommon for humans to be the cause. In some cases, finding the reason for your cat’s displays of dominance or insecurity isn’t simple.

How can I stop the marking?

One important thing you need to address your cat’s marking is patience. Another important thing is persistence. Figuring this out will take time and you will have to take the steps over and over again. If you’ve discovered that your cat is marking, determine all spots where this has happened. You can get an affordable black light and go through the house. Remember that not everything that shows up under black light is urine.

Take note of all the spots. In each spot, place something that already belongs to your cat. This includes bedding, food and water, toys, and anything that carries your cat’s scent. It is also a good idea to add another litter box to the house for your cat and place that in one of the spots, too.

It may take time, but with some persistence, your cat should recognize the spots as his and no longer feel the need to mark. It’s a good idea to check the house regularly in future for signs that the marking has started again.

If you’re struggling with cat marking, don’t give up. Call us at Pet Vet Hospitals if you need advice, or think it may be health-related.

Pet Safety During the Holidays

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The holidays can be great fun. So much that we sometimes forget to be safe. Our pets need help staying safe during the holidays, too. In all the excitement of decorations, food, people, and more, they don’t know how to sense and avoid dangers, and don’t know what poses dangers. Remember to practice pet safety during the holidays this season.

Christmas Tree Safety

pets-962215_1280Christmas trees are particularly tricky things when it comes to keeping your pets safe. A cat, in particular, is likely to be mesmerized by the tree and all its baubles. There are innumerable videos of cats wreaking havoc with the Christmas tree. Dogs are not immune to chewing on them, however. So, if you put up a tree, do your best to keep it blocked from your pets. Put it somewhere hard to reach and place the decorations too high for reaching paws.

Candles and Lights

Electric lights are a shock and fire hazard when they’re not used properly. If your pet gets into them, they could be deadly. Do what you can to keep those stringed lights out of sight and mind. If you light candles, keep them up and away from places where your pet can knock them over, too.

Gift Wrapping

While watching your pet play in the wrapping paper and string may look fun, your cat or dog could get tangled and trapped, not to mention make a mess of things. Do your gift wrapping somewhere away from your pets.

Poison Plants and Inedibles

Several of the common holiday plants—holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia—are poinsonous if ingested by your animals. If you use them, keep them well out of range. You may be eating a lot of special foods this holiday season, but remember that, no matter how good they may smell and taste, your pet doesn’t need them. Instead of giving your pet those rich scraps, get some special, pet-safe holiday treats.

No matter what or how you celebrate this season, we wish you the happiest of holidays and can’t wait to see your and your pet in the New Year at Pet Vet Hospitals.

Snuggle Your Pets this Season and Keep Them Warm

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Just as no one should ever leave their pet in a hot car, or exposed to extreme heat in general, pets should not be left in the cold, either. Yes, they have fur; but, this is not always enough to keep them safe and warm, particularly when the temperatures drop to freezing levels and your pet is outdoors.

Dog dressed with hat, scarf and sweaterThough it is more common for pet owners to have indoor pets, including dogs, there are still plenty of owners who prefer to let their pets roam the yard. Though you may have provided your outdoor dog with a house and beds, there is still plenty of exposure to the cold for him to endure. So, it’s important to have backup plans to keep your pets warm and safe.

Know the Temperature

Be mindful of temperature fluctuations. If the weather is cooling, get an idea of just how cold. Know at what temperatures your pet will be fine, when you need to put out more bedding, and when you need to consider bringing your pet indoors.

Have a Backup Plan

Weather can shift rather suddenly, and predictions are not always accurate. So, have some contingency plans. Outdoor pets are usually outdoors for a reason. If you can’t bring your pet into the house, consider setting him or her up in the garage. Of course, if the heat in your home isn’t functioning, then you may need to curl up with your pet so that you can both get warm together.

Also, if you’re not sure how much your pet can handle, talk to a vet. Some pets are better equipped to handle colder temperatures than others, and so you can set your rules according to their tolerance levels. Of course, it never hurts to be extra cautious and go with your instinct; if you feel that your pet might need that extra blanket, or to come inside, then go with your feelings.

Should you come across any problems or questions this winter, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pet Vet Hospitals.