We have created a Q and A forum for you to ask the Pet Vet doctors questions regarding the health of your pet! Our veterinarians will answer your questions in a timely manner, 48 hours in most cases (excluding weekends and holidays).

Questions are limited to residents of Texas, because that is where our veterinarians are licensed to practice. The more information you provide us, the better we can help!

If your pet has a serious or life threatening health concern, please see a veterinarian immediately. The information we provide through Ask the Doctor is of a general nature and not intended to substitute for an examination.

In order for us to best answer your question, please provide the following information:

Do you reside in Texas?  (If not, please see a local veterinarian to address your pet's health concerns.)

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Are your pet's medical records at one of our Pet Vet Hospitals? 

Is your pet currently on heartworm preventive? 

Is your pet currently on flea preventive?