Common Cat Litter Problems

By August 1, 2018 Cats No Comments

Cute cat in plastic litter box on floorYou probably love your furball friend more than many things in your life. What you may not love is her litter box. It’s that unfortunate truth of pet ownership: with the love comes some gross responsibilities. There are probably days when purposefully avoid cleaning the litter box, or you put it off until late in the day because you dread it so much. It doesn’t help if your cat starts having trouble using it. If this happens, don’t worry too much immediately; there are some common litter box problems that a lot of cat owners experience, as well as common solutions for them.

Urine In, Everything Else Out

Have you noticed your cat pooping outside the box? There are many potential reasons for this, and so most cat owners see this at some time. You may be baffled, particularly if your cat is still urinating in the box. A few possible reasons for this are:

  • It’s too dirty. Your cat may be trying to tell you that you need to clean the litter box.
  • It’s in a bad location. Your cat feels vulnerable while pooping. If the litter box is in a bad place for her, she may not use it.
  • She’s having trouble pooping. If she’s struggling, or hurting, she may associate that pain with pooping in the box, so she’ll go outside, instead.

So, start by cleaning the litter box. If necessary, move it to a location where she may feel more secure. Listen for crying when she uses it. If that happens, she may need some minor dietary changes to soften her stool and make it easier on her.

Excessive Digging

Is your cat playing in the litterbox? I could be harmless, but for the mess. It could also be a problem with the litter’s texture. Sometimes, cats dig obsessively because they don’t like the way the litter feels and can’t settle on a place to bury their feces. Try a different type of litter to help them and talk to your vet about the issue.

If you keep trying basic solutions, but nothing seems to help, talk to your vet. Come to Pet Vet Hospitals and we will make sure that a health issue isn’t causing your cat’s litter problems.