The Cat that Marked the Couch: Cat Marking

By December 20, 2017 Cats No Comments

Has your cat marked the couch? That can be a disturbing thing to discover, as is that your cat has marked anything. The odor of cat marking is unpleasant and very hard to be rid of permanently. There are many, many sprays that claim to do the job, but even those don’t always work they way you hope. Plus, there is the added problem that once your cat has marked, stopping him from doing it again is sometimes a difficult job.

Why does my cat mark?

cat-649164_1920If a cat feels insecure about his place in the home, he may mark and area to make it feel more like it belongs to him. Other cats may cause this insecurity, but it is not uncommon for humans to be the cause. In some cases, finding the reason for your cat’s displays of dominance or insecurity isn’t simple.

How can I stop the marking?

One important thing you need to address your cat’s marking is patience. Another important thing is persistence. Figuring this out will take time and you will have to take the steps over and over again. If you’ve discovered that your cat is marking, determine all spots where this has happened. You can get an affordable black light and go through the house. Remember that not everything that shows up under black light is urine.

Take note of all the spots. In each spot, place something that already belongs to your cat. This includes bedding, food and water, toys, and anything that carries your cat’s scent. It is also a good idea to add another litter box to the house for your cat and place that in one of the spots, too.

It may take time, but with some persistence, your cat should recognize the spots as his and no longer feel the need to mark. It’s a good idea to check the house regularly in future for signs that the marking has started again.

If you’re struggling with cat marking, don’t give up. Call us at Pet Vet Hospitals if you need advice, or think it may be health-related.