The Best Running Buddy: Dogs for Runners

By June 6, 2018 Dogs No Comments

Woman and dog running on beach at sunsetDogs make great companions for a lot of activities. All dogs need walks, and most love to run if they have a reason, but not all dogs are suitable for regular, long runs. If you love running and you want to mix that love with the companionship of a dog, you need the right breed. There are plenty of great dogs for runners out there, ready and waiting to run alongside you.


You probably already know that greyhounds are runners; they are members of a breed found often on the dog racing track. Their ability to do so well in that situation means they’re highly capable of being trained. Outside the track, they are also capable of loyalty and gentleness. Together, you could run a lot of miles.


Weimaraners are generally lean, muscular dogs. They make for very energetic dogs, and need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. They are also intelligent dogs and easily trained with the usual amount of patience and persistence. They can make excellent running partners.


Of course, Labradors of any type are well-loved by many as energetic, playful, highly intelligent, loyal dogs. They are easily trained for any number of activities and would love nothing better than a good, long run by your side on a regular basis.

German Shepherds

Large, strong, and proud, German Shepherds are renown for their loyalty and protectiveness. They are also energetic dogs and need regular exercise to stay strong and content. They would love to run with their owners and protect them all along the way.


Siberian huskies have served humans for centuries. In the coldest places, they run, hunt, and even pull sleds. That strength and stamina comes naturally, and means that these dogs need regular exercise to remain naturally healthy. They would make excellent running partners, and could go on as long as you, and even longer.

Running is great for your health. Let your dog share in that. Adopt your running buddy today and bring him into our office at Pet Vet Hospitals.