Best Dog Breeds to be Part of Your Home Alarm System

By March 9, 2018 Dogs No Comments

Not everyone can afford a complex home security system. Not everyone wants one, either. Yet, home security continues to be a concern for everyone, particularly those who live in urban areas. Fortunately, if you’re a dog-lover, you can have both furry companionship and some security, all in one adorable, furry package. Dogs can be great at alerting their owners to intruders and potential danger. While almost any dog can be trained to serve as an “alarm system,” there are some dog breeds whose natural instincts serve owners well in this capacity.

The Bullmastiff

If you have ever seen The Sandlot, then you have seen a bullmastiff. Unlike the film’s portrayal—well, most of the film—these dogs can be very, very loving, docile, and sweet. They also tend to be very loyal and protective. This is what makes them great for protection. Their large size also makes them formidable in the face of possible intruders, which is why they may not be allowed in some apartments, or even neighborhoods.

Boy and girl with German shepherdThe German Shepherd

German shepherds are placed as security in large industrial areas for a reason; they take to defense naturally. However, don’t be fooled by misrepresentations. As protective as they can be, they can also be loving and loyal. Just give them as much love as you do positive training, and they will make you their permanent family, alert you of danger, and protect you. Of course, their size and reputation also make them forbidden in some locations.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

These large dogs are great for search and rescue, and protection. They are highly intelligent, love to play, and are often considered great for children because of their kind, playful, and protective nature. Of course, they are large dogs, which means they need enough space to stay active and healthy.

Unfortunately, these and other great guard dogs are not permitted in many apartments, and even some cities because they have reputations for being aggressive breeds. This is not their fault; they become aggressive when their owners train them to be so, or treat them poorly. So, if you are looking for the best dog breeds to act as your home alarm system, as well as be great companions for you and your family, these dogs could serve you very well with the right training, and a lot of love. Bring your friend in to see us at Pet Vet Hospitals, and we will help you and your new family member stay healthy and safe.