Keep Him on a Leash: Leash Training Your Dog

By March 6, 2018 Dogs No Comments

dog-237187_1280Your dog needs that regular walk. The more often you can go walk, the better. Of course, if your dog pulls on the leash constantly and is erratic, that can kill the desire to talk him on a walk at all. That can be remedied, however; leash training your dog is like any other type of training. It just calls for consistency and patience.

Importance of Leash Control

You have probably seen dogs prancing along next to their owners, whether at dog shows, or just on your street. It is impressive, but that doesn’t mean it came easily. It’s a dog’s instinct to pull on the leash because there is simply so much out there to inspect, and that means pulling away from you. Even dogs that are not the most curious need a little help learning to be better on a leash. You don’t have to train your dog to walk perfectly like a showdog; you just need to help him learn to stop pulling when you direct him.

  • Start by making all walks training sessions. This means they will probably be short and slow, but that is okay. Just remain patient.
  • It helps if your dog is already tired. He is less likely to pull on the leash and be excitable if he’s tired.
  • Have treats ready for when your dog is obedient. You can even use a clicker. Remain consistent, and your dog will learn that obeying you during a walk leads to good things.
  • Try to walk quickly. If your dog has to walk or trot fast, he’ll wear out. Plus, he’ll be forced to keep up with you, which will get him used to being next to you at all times during the walk.
  • Work on other training, too. The better your dog’s training in general, the easier it will be to get his obedience during a walk.

Training is very important for a happy relationship with your dog. To keep up your dog’s health during leash training, bring him to us at Pet Vet Hospitals.