Key Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

By March 7, 2016 Dogs No Comments

dogs, petsSeparation anxiety in dogs is often defined by the distressed behavior that the animals exhibit when they are away from their handler. Typically, signs of separation anxiety in pets starts within 30 minutes of the departure. However, this may vary depending on the animal. Here are some signs that your dog may be suffering from this condition.

Anxiousness Prior to Departure
Does it seem like your pet knows when you’re about to leave? It isn’t your imagination – dogs can pick up on these senses, and they can become anxious in the event that they recognize your looming departure.

Environment Destruction
If you come home to chewed, torn-up belongings, your pet may be suffering from separation anxiety. Household destruction is a key symptom of this condition.

Frequent Urination or Defecation
Your pet may relieve him or herself while you’re away, even if he or she is potty-trained and not accident-prone while you’re home.

In the event that you believe your dog may have separation anxiety, it’s critical to contact a veterinary professional. Pet Vet Animal Hospitals can connect you with an expert to learn more about your pet’s behavior and address it in a safe, healthy manner.