When Vomiting is a Problem for Your Dog

By December 14, 2015 Dogs No Comments

dog-200942_1280Your dog is going to vomit. That one thing is for certain. However, it’s important that you, as a pet owner, keep a watchful eye on man’s best friend to know when vomiting is a problem for your dog. To help you differentiate, use these questions as your guide:

How many times has your dog vomited? If your dog vomits once, maybe twice, and then bounces right back, there’s usually no need to worry. However, if vomiting persists, a serious issue may be behind this illness and additional concerns, like dehydration, can develop.

What does the vomit look like? It’s possible you may find the culprit of your dog’s sickness, such as an unusual food or maybe a chewed toy, through examination of the vomit. On the other hand, you may find blood or a substance that looks like coffee grounds, and that’s your cue to call your vet immediately.

Are there other symptoms? Symptoms in addition to vomiting may indicate a more serious issue. Be on the lookout for exhaustion, diarrhea that persists, pain, and anything else out of the ordinary, and take note of it for your vet appointment.

To help your dog after the first vomiting episode, withhold food and water for four hours. If your dog hasn’t vomited again within that timeframe, introduce small amounts of water or ice chips, and then wait another couple of hours before giving him or her something bland to eat, like rice or scrambled egg. It’s important to ease back into regular feeding to ensure any further vomiting that occurs isn’t at the hand of their diet.

As always, if you’re unsure if your dog’s or other pet’s condition warrants a trip to the vet, err on the side of caution and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.