FAQ on Virulent Systematic Feline Calicivirus (VS-FCV)

Q: Can it be fatal?

Ans: VS-FCV is a relatively new, more deadly strain of the traditional feline calicivirus, one of the two major respiratory viruses typically found in cats. Although it appears to be less common than the traditional virus, it has gained the attention of feline experts because it is much more severe. Within just a few days of exposure, VS-FCV can affect multiple organs and cause painful and devastating signs in infected cats. VS-FCV can kill healthy cats within 24-48 hours – even those previously vaccinated with a traditional FCV vaccine.

Q: Is it contagious?

Ans: VS-FCV is easily transmitted from cat to cat through anything shed by the cat, including hair, dander, blood, urine, feces and secretions from the eyes and nose. The disease can also be spread via objects such as clothing, tables, doorknobs, shoes, and hands.

Q: Can your cat be protected?

Ans: YES! A vaccine is now available to provide the broader protection necessary for your cat.