Pet Claw Clipping

By November 16, 2016 Pet Care No Comments

close up of dog nail trimmingMany of us have let our pets’ claws grow a bit too long, trimming them only when it clearly becomes a noticeable problem for us. Maybe we wait until we receive one too many scratches by accident, or their claws begin to catch on things. Yes, it’s not always so terrible; after all, we do get them trimmed, eventually. However, it could be more problematic than you may think.

Long, catching claws can be torn.

If your pet’s claws become too long, they’re more likely to be hooked on things. The more this happens, the more the chance that they’ll pull, break the claw, and injure the claw and the toe. They may even break a toe.

Long claws can cause foot pain and growth problems.

Over time, claws that are too long force your pet to walk differently. This can cause your pet foot pain and distort the foot’s shape. These results are particularly bad for older pets at risk of arthritis.

Scratches are a problem, too.

Claws get dirty, it’s natural. So, scratches from your pet’s claws can cause infections. Even if you keep things clean, there’s no way to be 100 percent certain you can prevent an infection, particularly in children.

Clip carefully.

It’s not always easy to clip a pet claw. Pets may struggle and increase the chance of clipping too close to the quick. Generally, you want to cut enough so that you cannot hear the pet’s claws on the floor. Where to cut, precisely, can be hard to see on pets with dark claws.

Talk to your vet. At Pet Vet Hospitals, we offer pet claw clipping services for those who struggle with the task. In fact, the service is free with some other services. Overall, it is quick and cheap, and well worth the money for some.