Fall for Pets

By September 7, 2016 Pet Care No Comments

Fall is coming swiftly. The leaves will be changing colors, the weather cooling, and people will become more and more eager for pumpkin spice lattes—pumpkin spice everything, in fact—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all that follows. Your pets will be happy to join you in the fun. There are fall-themed treats for them, and some of them might even let you dress them in costumes.

As you enjoy all that fall has to offer, remember to play it safe with your pets, as well. Fall brings about some changes that could be harmful to your pet, and ruin the fun.

Depositphotos_54192935_s-2015Leaf Piles

Running and jumping through leaves seems fun, and there are plenty of classic—or cliché—images of people and their pets doing it. Remember, however, that there are a few dangers associated with this. Piles of leaves, especially those which have been sitting for some time, are gardens for bacteria and mold. If your dog gets into these growths, they could become sick.

Mushrooms and Other Plants

With the new weather comes decaying plants. Many environments become breeding grounds for mushrooms, which can make the curious, hungry dog or cat ill. Other seasonal plants are potentially toxic, such as the chrysanthemum.


The cooler weather drives rodents and other pests into homes, and many people ward them off with rodenticides. While this is normal practice, it should be done very carefully; these toxins are bad for pets, too. They can potentially be fatal, so always place them in areas that are very difficult for pets to reach, even by accident.

Precautions don’t mean the end of fun. Continue enjoying the fall as you play it safe with your pets. If you need some help with your pets’ health along the way, come see us at Pet Vet Hospitals. We’re here for you throughout the seasons.