Give Thanks for Your Pets this Thanksgiving

By November 23, 2016 Pet Care No Comments

Thanksgiving Pet CelebrationThanksgiving is important to different people for varying reasons. Currently, two of the most popular reasons for partaking in the holiday are to give thanks and eat great food. As family and friends gather around the table, so do the pets. While it’s natural to want to share all of Thanksgiving with your furry family, there are some things of which you want to be aware.

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

Sure, there’s no real harm in letting your pet indulge in some of that turkey dinner. Remember, though, to be careful about what you allow, and how much. Too much of the wrong thing, like sugars and fats, can cause an upset tummy. Don’t feed your pets anything raw, and don’t feed them sweets. Also, turkey should be thoroughly cooked to avoid illness, and free of bones. Don’t let your pets chew cooked bones; they’re more brittle and shards can choke your pet, or cause internal tears. Keep anything you offer your pet simple; nothing too rich and nothing with bones.

A Nosy Nuisance

If your pet begins to be a problem by nosing around, whining, and seeking food from the table, then give them something special of their own to pass the dinner time. A special plate of goodies is nice, but may not occupy them long enough. Consider a long-lasting, tasty chew to keep them occupied while you enjoy your feast.

There’s no likely harm in sharing some Thanksgiving potatoes, a little stuffing, and some boneless turkey with your pets, as long as your pet doesn’t have a history of sensitive stomach issues. After all, they’re part of the family. Just proceed with caution. If you want to be sure, call your vet. At Pet Vet Hospitals, we’re ready to answer any questions so that you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday.