Have you walked your dog today?

dog-237187_1280Walking your dog offers many benefits for both you and your canine friend, and with it being “National Walk Your Dog Week,” we want to tell you all about them! Here are three big reasons you should walk your dog daily:

  1. Walking keeps them healthy. No surprise here, but it’s a great reminder that while you’re away at work or school all day, your dog is likely lying around. Therefore, it’s important to get in some exercise to keep him or her from becoming too sedentary and overweight. In turn, your dog will be better equipped to fight disease and stay healthy. (The same goes for you!)
  2. Walking keeps them occupied. A stroll through the neighborhood offers so much more than the scenery in your backyard and allows your dog to take in all sorts of sights and smells. By giving them this opportunity, you’ll help satisfy their need for adventure and keep them from creating trouble within your home or yard.
  3. Walking keeps them happy. If they’re healthy and occupied, they’re obviously going to be happier. Furthermore, there’s nothing a dog loves more than to spend quality time with its owner, and walking is a great way to bond with him or her.

We know it can be hard with all that life brings to carve out time to walk your dog. However, we encourage you to find a slot that works within your everyday schedule, whether substituting 15-20 minutes of tv or computer time, and make it a daily routine. Simply put the leash by the door as a reminder, and hit the streets at the point best for you. Trust us; you’ll enjoy the sunshine, exercise, and quality moments, just as much as your dog.

Should you need some advice on how much activity your dog needs, schedule an appointment with your Pet Vet Animal Hospitals location. We’re happy to provide an exam to assess his or her physical health, so that you two can safely get your walk on every day.