Holiday Pet Hazards

By December 14, 2016 Pet Care No Comments

pets-962215_1280Many of us are ready for winter holidays and their celebrations. We’ll eat, drink, share gifts and fun, and more. Your pets are always ready to join in the fun, too. So, it’s important to remember that things we enjoy during the holidays can be potential hazards for your pets, and to take some precautions to keep things cheerful.

Candles cause more than a glow.

Many of us love to light candles for many reasons. Sometimes they carry spiritual significance for holiday celebrations, and sometimes they just look lovely, smell good, and make us feel nice. However, pets don’t know the dangers of flame as you do. So, set candles up where pets cannot get to them and never leave them unattended.

Watch your pets around the tree.

If you set up a Christmas tree, don’t forget that those twinkling lights and strings are irresistible to many cats, and to other mischievous pets. Also, as dogs and other animals play, they may not be entirely aware of how easily a tree can fall, or stringed lights can become tangled. So, keep an eye on pets around the tree. Though watching your cat climb can be amusing, it’s ultimately not safe. It’s best not to allow it.

Keep other plants out of reach, too.

Some plants associated with the holidays are also dangerous for pets if ingested. Many of us have heard that poinsettias are poisonous, but so are holly and mistletoe. Keep them away from pets and get help immediately if the plants are ingested.

Don’t share the sweets.

Pets are definitely interested in sharing your family feast. Some foods are fine to share in small quantities. But, a large dose of sugar can be very bad for your dog or cat’s tummy. Only share small amounts of boneless, lean meat. Avoid giving them any sweets. Consider giving them their own, special, holiday pet-safe treat instead.

If you’re concerned your pet may have gotten into some trouble during the holiday celebrations, or you want to know more about how to keep them safe, just contact us at Pet Vet Hospitals.