Hurricane Season Increases the Need for Pet Microchipping

By May 31, 2018 Pet Care No Comments

Identifying cat with microchip devicePet microchipping saves the lives of furry family members. This is why some cities in the U.S. are making pet microchipping mandatory. When there is less risk of losing a pet, there are fewer homeless and shelter pets. In Houston and other coastal areas, there may be no stronger reminder of all this than hurricane season. In recent years, people have lost loved ones, homes, important community locations, and even their beloved pets. Microchipping can help prevent the latter.

It’s Quick, Easy, and Affordable

The microchip that is inserted beneath the skin of your pet’s neck is very, very small—about the size of a small pin, or grain of rice. It is placed there via injection and your pet does not need to be asleep; it feels like little more than a normal needle injection. Once it’s inserted, the microchip remains there permanently so that, in the event your pet is found by someone, it can be scanned, and the information associated with it read. Then, your pet can be returned to you, safe and sound.

All this is simple, fast, painless for your pet, and affordable. In some cases, your pet may already have a microchip upon adoption; some shelters have this done and add the cost to the adoption fee. There are even some that offer it free as part of the adoption incentive.

This procedure is so important, too, that many veterinary offices will offer specials and encourage their clients to have this quick, life-saving procedure performed. At Pet Vet Hospitals, we strongly urge microchipping. We want you to have every opportunity to get it done. That is why, with hurricane season closing in, we are offering a $10 discount on all pet microchipping, starting on June 1st. Bring your furry family member in and let’s keep him or her safe together. Call us today to schedule your appointment, or come see us.

And, never forget that we at Pet Vet Hospitals are always here for the general health of your beloved pet.