Leash Laws: Know Pet Ownership Laws

By September 21, 2016 Pet Care No Comments


dog-237187_1280Pets are available everywhere; they’re up for adoption, for purchase, and for free. We’re so accustomed to being able to simply go pick up a pet and take it home, and do little else, that it’s easy to forget there are laws and regulations out there for pet owners. It is unfortunate that it’s so easy to have a pet without obeying these rules, because they exist for many reasons—in particular, to protect pets, their owners, and others.

State-by-State, City-by-City

Pet ownership laws vary everywhere. All states have their ordinances, and cities might have some additional stipulations. Of course, ultimately, any federal regulations supersede a state’s decision. These ordinances cover a wide variety of potential safety and health risks, and their preventions, such as:

  • Consistent, mandatory vaccinations.
  • Rabid animals, or animals with other diseases that are potentially dangerous for humans.
  • Animals off-leash.
  • Animal bites and attacks.
  • Pet licenses.
  • The number of pets owned.

How to Know Pet Ownership Laws

These issues often do not come up until an incident occurs, and so it is easy to let the details of following licensing, vaccinations, and other ordinances slide; sometimes people forget, and sometimes they believe that nothing will happen to them or their pet.

It is not worth the risk.

The best thing to do is to research your state and local pet ownership laws well before getting a pet. It is very easy in the current information age; just go online to your state and city’s official websites. Then, once you know all your pet ownership laws, do not wait to apply the rules to your pet and life:

  • Get your pet licensed if necessary.
  • Microchip them.
  • Begin and maintain all vaccinations.
  • Save for medical expenses, and consider pet insurance.
  • Make a habit of all other regulations for daily care (keeping the dog on a leash, picking up after pets, etc.).

If you live in the Houston area, we can advise you a great deal on the local laws regarding pet care. Bring your pet in for vaccinations and more, and let us help you remain a law-abiding pet owner.