Microchipping: The Details

By August 24, 2016 Pet Care No Comments

Dogs and Cats Hanging Over White BannerMicrochipping has become more common recently and it’s a very good thing; millions of pets go missing every year and the use of microchipping makes those disappearances much less likely. In fact, many shelters and rescue groups have made it mandatory and include it in adoption fees.

The Process

In this quick and easy, and not terribly painful process, the veterinarian uses a needle to insert a tiny microchip under your pet’s skin, most often between the shoulder blades, the same place where you put his topical flea treatment. This little microchip has a number and a scanner can pick up that number should your pet go missing. This procedure can be done to most pets that have the potential to be lost.

The Cost

As high-tech as this little chip is, it is not very costly. If you adopt your pet, there may be a discount, or the procedure may be included in your normal adoption fees. Some vets offer it at a discounted rate if you have it done in addition to other procedures. In some other countries, microchipping is mandatory as part of a pet’s registration, and there are even some places in the U.S. in which the law requires it.

The price is particularly reasonable considering the peace of mind that comes with it. If your pet runs away, or is taken, and even if he does not have his collar off, you’ll be able to find him. All you have to do is register the number and call, and find your lost loved one. It’s that simple, and that safe.

We offer microchipping at Pet Vet Animal Hospitals, and we highly recommend it. Bring your pet in, whether he is a new or longtime companion, and let us help keep your furry family member safe.