Pets and Cold Weather

By December 9, 2016 Pet Care No Comments

Dog dressed with hat, scarf and sweaterThe cold weather has arrived in much of the U.S. Some people in warmer states appreciate this weather and hope for some snow. They drink warm drinks, curl up in front of the fire, and enjoy the season. Your pets enjoy some of this, too, and it’s important to remember their well-being as the temperatures drop. Just like you, animals feel the cold and can be negatively affected by it. They rely on you to help them enjoy the winter, rather than be miserable.

How much cold can your pet handle?

Each animal handles weather differently. Some pets are bred to handle cold temperatures; they may have more fat and fur protecting them. So, providing them with some extra clean bedding inside a comfy, warm house outside might be enough. Even then, however, it’s important to keep up with just how low the temperatures are dropping, and to be willing to bring them indoors when it becomes too cold. Overall, when it’s cold, it’s best to let them inside.

Keep them warm and comfy.

Wherever they are, make sure they have access to a comfortable and warm place to rest. But, when the heaters are on indoors, they also need to be able to switch to a cooler spot to avoid overheating. So, make sure they are able to be as warm or as cool as they need.

Be safe when you go outdoors.

If it’s extremely cold outside, limit your trips outdoors. If your pet needs some extra protection, try a little sweater—if your pet will allow it. Watch for signs of ice to avoid slipping, and moisture that may cause icing on your pet’s feet.

Get your pet a check-up.

The end of the year is a great time for a checkup. Not only should your pet have at least one per year, but it can help make sure there are no issues that might be aggravated by winter. It helps your pet stay healthy.

We’re here for you at Pet Vet Hospitals during all seasons. Come see us for your pet’s checkup, ask us for advice on pets and cold weather, or purchase a gift certificate for a fellow pet owner for the holidays.