Show Your Pet Thanks this Thanksgiving

By November 21, 2015 Pet Care No Comments

There’s so much to be thankful for this time of year, and for us pet owners, our pets rank high up on the list. However, with the holidays comes hustle and bustle that may cause us to place less focus on our pets’ needs. You can still show them thanks with little effort this Thanksgiving when you do these three things:

  1. cat-and-dog-775116_1920Keep it as routine as possible. Pets thrive on routine, and while you may need to rework your schedule to accommodate the day’s festivities, try to make sure you get in the things they enjoy on a daily basis – like exercise, play, and scratches, even if you have to shorten the time spent on each.
  2. Be mindful of their personalities. Some pets prefer to be surrounded by as many people as possible, while others would rather flee to a corner or under a bed as soon as the doorbell rings. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, make sure your cat or dog is where he or she wants to be.
  3. Plan for travel. If you’re traveling for the holiday and will be away from your pet, make sure he or she is well taken care of. If you can, have someone come over to care for your cat, rather than simply leaving a huge bowl of dry food for him or her to gobble up. This can help manage their weight and stress.

Lastly, we do love our pets like family, but that doesn’t mean they should partake in the family Thanksgiving meal. Avoid the desire to give them table scraps, and instead, give them a cat or dog treat or additional scratches. They’re sure to feel special either way.

On behalf of the Pet Vet Animal Hospitals team, Happy Thanksgiving!