The Gift that Keeps on Giving – A New Pet!

By December 21, 2015 Pet Care No Comments

child-1007806_1280Imagine an adorable puppy or kitten tucked under the tree on Christmas morning and the faces that light up upon finding that precious gift. Makes you smile, right?

Now, imagine that same adorable puppy or kitten whimpering or meowing at 3:00 a.m. night after night as he or she tries to adjust to her new life… Do you have the patience for this?

There’s no doubt about it; a new puppy or kitten can bring so much joy and love to a home. However, it’s important that your decision to adopt or purchase a new pet be well thought and takes into consideration the following questions:

  1. Can you deal with the interrupted nights and adjustments to your routine?
  2. Do you have the room for a new pet in your home and life?
  3. Is someone home at a reasonable hour every day to ensure the new pet gets food, exercise, and love?
  4. Can you persist in what may be lengthy or difficult potty and obedience training?
  5. Do you have the time and resources necessary to ensure your pet’s health?

If you answered “yes” to these critical questions, let Pet Vet Animal Hospitals be the first to congratulate you on the new addition to your family! Please be sure to get your new puppy or kitten, or even grown dog or cat, in for their first visit with us. There are several critical things we need to do to form the basis for their longest, healthiest life possible. Learn what you can expect on our website, and then grab a gift certificate to ensure your new pet gets there ASAP.

(Gift certificates make a great last minute gift or stocking stuffer for a new pet or even an existing patient!)

We look forward to seeing your new furry friend (and you)!