Three Tips to Help Prevent Pet Cancer

By November 23, 2015 Pet Care No Comments

The last thing any of us want for our pets is for them to be sick, especially with cancer or another disease. Though keeping them from getting ill isn’t entirely possible, there are some steps we can take as responsible dog and cat owners to help prevent pet cancer and other diseases. Take note of these three tips:

  1. labrador-380800_1920Feed them good. Be mindful of what’s in your pet’s food, as many contain unnecessary fillers and empty calories. Do your homework and talk with your Pet Vet Animal Hospitals’ veterinarian to understand what nutrients your dog or cat needs in his or her diet.
  2. Watch their weight. Obesity breeds disease, so follow feeding recommendations as provided on your canned or bagged food, with your treats, or from your veterinarian. Also, skip the table scraps and instead exercise your dog with a walk or your cat with a toy.
  3. Try to be chemical free. It’s pretty impossible for your pet to live chemical free. However, try to use safe cleaners, prohibit cigarette smoke, know if plants are poisonous, and keep your pet away from chemicals when you can.

The key is to maintain your pet’s body in the most healthy state possible, so that they are not only kept from what hurts them but have the strength they need to fight whatever comes their way. Be sure to also make annual appointments with your Pet Vet Animal Hospital location, as our vets can check your pet’s health and offer additional tips to help prevent pet cancer for your particular breed.