What to Do When You Know Someone Moved and Left an Abandoned Pet

By April 13, 2018 Pet Care No Comments

Sad, abandoned dog in the middle of the road /high contrast imagPeople sometimes leave their pets. Despite the terrible feelings we may have about giving up a pet, and any instincts some may have to place blame on those who do it, there are times when letting an animal go is the best thing for both the pet and the owner. That is why there are shelters, pet foster homes, and resources for finding potential homes. What should never happen, however, is abandonment—leaving a pet in a location with no care, and telling no one who can help that animal. If you think someone has done this, the best things you can do is to take appropriate and legal steps to helping the animal and informing authorities.

Investigate Safely and Be Sure

Never make any assumptions; if you think that a pet has been abandoned somewhere, take a look as long as it is safe and legal. Does it look like the owners may return? Is the pet in distress, or a possible threat? Make note of the circumstances so that you can proceed with all possible information.

Make the Call

If you are fairly certain that you have found an abandoned pet, there are a few steps you can take to help the animal, depending upon the situation. If this has happened at a home, or on some property, you will need to call the local animal control services. If you’re not sure who to call, call the local shelter and they will help you get in touch with the right people. Never enter someone’s residence without legal permission. Instead, file a report with the proper authorities.

If the animal has been abandoned on public property, you should still call the shelter, at least. Be extremely cautious approaching an abandoned animal; they may be aggressive, or ill. It is best to let professionals handle it, but if the animal accepts your help, you can get it to a safe place. You can always offer to foster the animal until the situation is handled, or the owners are found, etc. You might even be able to adopt the abandoned pet.

If you have an animal in your care that was left behind, come to us at Pet Vet Hospitals, too. We can help make sure your new friend is in good health and ready for a new, forever home.