When is Your Pet Too Old for Cancer Treatment?

By January 26, 2018 Pet Care No Comments

When that inevitable moment comes and your pet is facing the end of his life, you will feel a range of emotions. All of them will be valid. Though it’s your vet’s job to remain professional and give you the facts, he or she will also have to make recommendations for you and your pet, and that’s not an easy job. It is no better when the diagnosis is cancer, and you simply don’t know if you should put your aging pet through cancer treatment, or say good bye.

Concerns About Cancer and Age

Old labrador retriever.If your pet is older and has cancer, it’s not uncommon for age to factor into your decision whether or not to pursue treatment, or how far to take that treatment. You may wonder if your elderly pet can withstand chemotherapy, or surgery. You might worry that medication side effects will be more pronounced.

The truth is that there isn’t an easy answer to whether or not you pet is too old for cancer treatment. It is possible that your pet would not survive cancer treatment, or that the disease has progressed so far that treatment would do more harm than good. Your vet will give you all the facts. He or she will make all the recommendations for treatment.

Asking Your Vet for Advice

If you ask for your vet’s take on the issue of age, she or he will be honest. Your vet will let you know of the risks, the possible results, and give you all the support possible. However, don’t be surprised if your vet is unwilling to tell you, outright, what route to choose. Trying to save a pet’s life, even when the situation is dire, is what your vet is all about. Of course, your vet also understands the desire to save your pet from the agony of cancer and treatment at the end of his life.

If the time comes for you to decide if your aging pet should receive cancer treatment, you want vets who care enough to be honest when advising you. You can trust our vets at Pet Vet Hospitals.