The Lost and Found: Pet Microchipping 

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cat-71494_1280Every year, millions of pets go missing. Sometimes they run off and get lost or injured, sometimes they’re stolen, or worse. Even if these dogs make their way to shelters, there’s no guarantee that owners will ever see them again. All this leaves owners troubled at minimum, but more often devastated and heartbroken. Microchipping can help change all of this.

Since microchipping was implemented, studies have shown that shelters report significant increases in animal returns to owners. This tiny, high-tech, harmless little chip can prevent danger to your pet and pain in your heart. With the help of databases and the internet, recovering a lost pet is easier than ever.

This little device also helps reduce overcrowding at animals shelters. Not all lost animals make it to shelters, and those that do don’t always make it home. Since the introduction of the microchip, more shelter pets have been returned to their loving homes, significantly decreasing the chances of life at a shelter, or worse, death at a shelter.

For these reasons and more, veterinarians highly recommend microchipping. In fact, many shelters have begun having all pets microchipped by a vet, prior to adoption, as part of the animal’s health exam and vaccinations package, which is typically included in the adoption fees. In addition to returning pets and keeping families happy, reducing the number of homeless pets, and lessening the pressure on shelters, microchipping means fewer pets with diseases. The longer pets are lost, the higher are their chances of getting sick or injured, and some of them may never see a vet in time.

At Pet Vet Animal Hospitals, we utilize this state-of-the art technology and implant microchips for our clients’ health and safety. It’s quick, easy, and not painful at all. If your pet is not microchipped, please come in and have it done today for your pet’s future.