Spaying or neutering your pet has many benefits. Most people are aware of the advantages to the community by reducing the overall number of pets that are euthanized every day in shelters across the country. However, the benefits to you as a pet owner and to your pet may not be as widely known.

Surgical Sterilization (spaying or neutering)

This is a procedure to remove the reproductive organs of the pet. It is a relatively low-risk surgical procedure that eliminates heat cycles and the tendency for the pet to roam and fight with other animals. Neutered pets become more friendly and people-oriented. It eliminates the possibility of injuries, infections or cancer in the reproductive organs. In addition, some medical problems and tumor developments in other organs are intensified by the presence of reproductive hormones.

Recent research indicates it is safe to spay or neuter your pet at eight to twelve weeks of age. Some experts still recommend waiting until at least six months of age before the surgery is performed. Younger animals seem to have less post-operative discomfort and quicker recovery than older pets. It is never too late to spay or neuter. In fact the older the pet the more likely the occurrence of medical problems with the reproductive organs. Ask your Houston Pet Vet Veterinarian about when to spay or neuter your pet.