Veterinary Examinations & Medical Care in Houston

When your pet is sick or injured, your main concern is getting him the veterinary care he needs to get well. If you live in the Houston metropolitan area, you can bring your pet to Pet Vet Hospitals for a thorough evaluation of his condition. Our full service animal hospital offers diverse examinations to determine the exact medical care your pet needs. Our comprehensive pet exams are designed to provide accurate diagnoses of sicknesses, injuries and diseases so your Houston vet can prescribe the best treatment.


When you bring your pet to Pet Vet Hospitals, he’ll benefit from one or several of the following exams:

Examinations to Treat Illnesses and Injuries

Medical Examinations

We offer comprehensive medical exams to treat your sick or injured pet according to his individual need. Medical exams are generally given by appointment; however, we accept walk-ins for urgent care.

Emergency Examinations

Emergency exams are performed in emergency situations and will be handled in a timely manner so your pet can get immediate treatment. If your pet has a medical emergency such as car injury or accidental poisoning, we'll give him priority care. By calling ahead before bringing your pet, we can prepare for your emergency in advance to avoid delays in your pet’s care.

All after-hours emergencies are referred to a nearby Animal Emergency hospital for emergency care. These animal hospitals have emergency veterinary staff and resources to handle all manner of emergency situations with your pet.

Recheck Examinations

Recheck exams are conducted to monitor your pet’s progress in recovering from his illness or injury. At this time, our vet will reassess lab tests, review new medications and reevaluate the state of your pet’s health.

Examinations to Diagnose Unknown Conditions and Diseases in Healthy Pets

Wellness Examinations

Our animal hospital offers annual and semi-annual wellness exams to evaluate the current health of your pet. These exams are generally conducted when your pet has no known medical issues. If medical problems are discovered during the exam, our vet will recommend the appropriate treatment.  

During a wellness exam, we’ll examine your pet from head to tail to include eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and teeth. We’ll check his skin for infections, listen to his lungs and heart and check his joints for signs of arthritis. We’ll take blood and urine samples to verify the health of his liver, kidneys, thyroid, and pancreas.

Wellness exams enable us to detect medical problems in their early stages when they’re easier to treat. In this way, we can improve the health and wellness of your pet throughout his lifespan.

See Your Houston Vet for Quality Veterinary Care

For comprehensive pet medical exams and superior medical care, contact Pet Vet Hospitals in Houston at 281-879-PETS.

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