Treatment & Prevention of Intestinal Parasites


Most families consider their pet to a member of their family. Therefore, it is important for every family to make sure that their pet receives the healthcare that he or she deserves. One of the many problems that a pet might develop is an intestinal infection. Like GI infections in people, it is important to ensure that this infection is checked out by someone with experience. This means looking for a vet that is attached to a high-quality animal hospital that has dealt with these infections before. The vet team from Pet Vet Animal Hospitals located in Houston is here to talk to everyone about intestinal parasites in animals. There are a few signs that everyone should watch out for.

Signs of an Intestinal Infection in a Pet

There are multiple ways that a pet might contract an intestinal infection. Some of the most common signs that families need to watch out for include:

  • Weight loss from the parasites soaking up all of the calories from the food that were supposed to go to the animal
  • Diarrhea due to the infection damaging the lining of the intestinal tract
  • Blood in the stool from the parasite causing inflammation in the digestive tract, leading to bleeding
  • Vomiting due to the nature of the infection and its ability to upset the stomach
  • The parasites will irritate the anal opening, causing the animal to scoot across the floor in an effort to itch that opening
  • Some people might even see visible parasites in the stool itself
  • Intestinal parasites can also cause fatigue due to a lack of nutrition stemming from the infection soaking up all of the nutrients

These are only a few of the many ways that an intestinal infection in a pet might present. Some pets might have a few of these symptoms while other pets might have all of them. It is important for pets to have these infections checked out by a trained animal hospital as quickly as possible.

Rely on the Experienced Team at Pet Vet Animal Hospitals in Houston

An intestinal infection in a pet can typically be treated with a course of antibiotics or antiparasitic medications. Gradually, the infection should clear and the symptoms discussed above should resolve. Any pet owner who has questions or concerns about the health of their pet should call Pet Vet Animal Hospitals located in Houston today. Our team is here to make sure that every pet that comes through our doors receives the high-quality healthcare that their families desire. Therefore, please call us today to schedule an appointment. We would be honored to serve you and your pet.

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