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Flea Control


Fleas require a high temperature and lots of humidity for their eggs to hatch. The Texas Gulf Coast environment is ideal for the proliferation of fleas. The summer months are particularly severe as the parasites increase in numbers and make their way onto our pets and into our yards and houses. Even pets that never go out of their own yards may end up with fleas that have been carried into the yard by stray cats and squirrels. It is important to keep in mind that there is no single product that can control fleas in all three areas. However the once-a-month flea control products are very effective in keeping fleas off of our dogs and cats. And recent introduction of flea controls that last even longer promise even better results.

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Fleas cause severe itching and can lead to allergic dermatitis with hair loss and skin infections.They suck blood and are the vectors that carry tape worms to our dogs and cats. They prefer our pets due to their higher body temperature but in the absence of a pet to feed on they will feed on humans.

Some of the older flea control products appear to be losing their effectiveness and do not work like they have in the past.  You can rely on Pet Vet to help make wise flea control choices. Daily, monthly and extended activity flea control products for dogs and for cats are available by prescription at Pet Vet Animal Hospitals.

When a good quality professional flea control is used on all of your pets other insecticides are typically not needed. It is uncommon for any other flea control techniques like spraying your yard and house to be necessary.

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