Help Them Find Their Way Home - Pet Microchipping

The hard truth that many pet owners try to avoid is, pets sometimes run away or escape. If your pet does escape a collar may or may not help your pet find its way home. Microchipping helps to ensure that your pet is going to make its way home quickly. 


What is Pet Microchipping?

Microchipping is the insertion of a small microchip beneath the skin of the pet, generally at the base of the skull. This chip is going to then be programmed with any pertinent information about your pet. Things like the name of the pet, the name of the owner, the address where the owner lives, and the phone number of the owner are all going to be programmed to the chip. Microchipping your pet is a great way to make sure that they will be safe, and able to make their way home to when they get lost, Even if their collar slips off, the vet will still have a way to identify the proper owner.

You may also be able to add information about any illnesses your pet has or any special medical needs the pet has as well. A microchip can be read at some animal shelters and at most veterinary offices. Microchips have to be implanted at a vet office like Pet Vet Animal Hospitals in the Houston area. If you are concerned about pet safety and you want to be sure your pet is safe, We would be glad to help.

Who do Microchips Benefit?

Microchips benefit the pet and the owner. When a pet escapes they generally slip their collar or they might travel far enough away that people do not recognize them. Since pets do tend to panic when they escape, your pet may end up running far enough away that it cannot find its way home. With the help of a microchip, your pet might be taken to a vet or an animal shelter that can then read the chip and contact you to update you about the whereabouts and safety of your pet.

Microchipping is a fantastic practice that has improved over the years. The implants are now smaller, easier to implant, and they can hold more information than ever before. This advancement has made them highly beneficial to anyone that wants to protect their pet while guaranteeing that they won’t go missing again.

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