Routine Surgery & Dentistry for Pets

Fort Bend County pet owners love their dogs and cats. They know their pets depend on them for everything from healthy meals to afternoon back scratches. When a pet comes into our offices at Pet Vet Animal Hospitals, their owners are sometimes more nervous than they are. This is especially true when a pet needs routine surgery or pet dental care. We want you to know that every precaution is taken during any procedure. We combine the latest medical knowledge and technology with forty years of veterinary experience. Our veterinarian staff is dedicated to the careful treatment of every pet we meet. 

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Pet Dental Care

Dental care is a routine procedure we do daily. Pets need healthy teeth for several reasons.

  1. Eating meals without pain or special effort.
  2. Protection from dental infections that can migrate throughout the body.
  3. Teeth clean to promo health teeth and gums stay in good condition.

We want owners to know that their pets will be comfortable during their oral examination and cleaning. We'll answer any questions you have and provide follow-up instructions.  The dental care you provide at home will reduce the amount of dental care your pet needs in our offices. We can teach you the simple procedures you can do to help your pet have a happy life free of dental problems. 

Routine Surgery

Pets sometimes need surgical services. We understand how owners feel when their pets need surgery. Many of us have pets, too. It's normal to feel nervous or even scared. Our veterinarian staff is committed to providing the best care for their patients. 

Spay and Neuter

We recommend that most pets be spayed or neutered.  This reduces potential health problems that can develop later in life. It prevents undesirable behaviors like roaming, aggression, and the destruction of household possessions.

Accidental injury

 Animals don't always remember the rules. Sometimes dogs and cats get hurt. Our facilities can provide stitches and follow-up care so that your pet is safe again. 

Benign Mass Removal

As animals age, they often develop lumps under their skin. Most of these are benign masses. A lump or mass can sometimes interfere with your pet's daily routine. A simple surgery will remove the mass. 

Fort Bend County

Pet Vet Animal Hospitals has three veterinary facilities in the Fort Bend County area.  Call or visit today to make an appointment for your pet. When your pet needs an oral examination or routine surgery, depend on our veterinarian staff for their health care.

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