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Pet Vet understands the importance of your pet in your life.  We appreciate the opportunity to assist you by providing all inclusive health care, known as  Comprehensive Healthcare, for your special family member.  The strength of our veterinary clinics is in the personnel that staff each of our facilities.  Experienced team members are available to assist you from the first phone call through the examination, diagnosis, treatment, discharge and follow up of your visit to Pet Vet. Our staff utilizes our proprietary computerized medical management system to quickly access your pet’s files. Electronic medical records allow an efficient appointment system to help make your visit to Pet Vet as convenient and pleasant as possible. Our expanded hours of operation allow easier access to the veterinary needs of your pet when you need them.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Equipment

Each of our Houston veterinary clinics is equipped with laboratory and diagnostic equipment that will give our doctors the information they need to properly care for your pet.  The hospital’s medicine ward is available if your pet requires hospitalization and when surgery is necessary each hospital is equipped with a surgery suite.  Our veterinary clinics also have dental operatories to provide routine dental cleanings and oral care including extractions if needed.  Our in house pharmacy will provide the medications that your pet requires and our facilities stock a full line of specialty diets to provide for their nutritional needs, both routine and therapeutic.

Comprehensive Heathcare

Initial Comprehensive Healthcare should begin when you acquire your new pet or between 6 and 8 weeks of age. This will assure your new family member a good start and a healthy future. While vaccinations are a part of Comprehensive Healthcare they are only a part. A professional examination is necessary to ensure that your new pet is disease free and that there are no developmental problems such as heart defects, hernias or portal systemic shunts. A weight check and an examination of the feces are necessary to be sure that your pet is worm free. A skin check will look for fleas, ear mites, mange mites, infections or ring worm. And your pet should be started on flea prevention and heartworm prevention at a young age if appropriate.

Annual Veterinary Care

Annual Comprehensive Healthcare and examinations are important to assure that your mature pet remains healthy and to monitor any ongoing medical issues he or she may have. Again, vaccinations are not all that is required for Comprehensive Healthcare. A professional examination is necessary to determine if there are any medical issues that need to be addressed. Remember that our pets’ age much faster than we do and an annual examination for them is much more important than for us since they do age quicker.

If your pet becomes sick or is injured your Pet Vet staff is trained and experienced to diagnose and treat their medical problems. Pet Vet has the equipment necessary to aid in the diagnosis and treatment and when necessary can access specialized equipment and procedures from veterinary specialists. We provide routine surgical procedures such as spays and neuters as well as dental cleanings.  Most surgical procedures can be performed in our in house surgical suite.   Each clinic is well stocked with heartworm and flea control products as well as prescription medications and specialty diets for your pet’s needs. And we provide an extensive variety of drugs and products priced competitively for home delivery through our own online pharmacy service.

We have categorized the needs of our clients in the list on the right side of the screen in a manner that we feel will assist you in making the correct healthcare decision for your pet.  If you have questions please feel encouraged to contact any of our Pet Vet staff by telephone or E-mail.  We would like to hear from you. We welcome you and your pets to the Pet Vet Family.

We have two locations in Houston and one in Friendswood, click here to find a location closest to you.

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