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Pet Dental Care for Houston Area Pets

As a caring pet owner, you're probably on a constant lookout for signs of injury or illness in your pet, from patches of hair loss to limping or bleeding. But how much do you know about the state of your pet's mouth? Dental and oral problems can pose serious threats to your pet's comfort, chewing function, and overall health. Here at Pet Vet Animal Hospitals, we're proud to offer a range of pet dental care services for Houston pets just like yours.

Pet Dental Care for Fort Bend County Pets

Why Do Pets Need Our Dentistry Services?

Some owners are content to assume that all is well as long as a pet's teeth are still present and accounted for. But the disease process that often causes tooth loss can be an insidious one. Periodontal disease is a common ailment that strikes most adult pets at some point in their lives, it starts when plaque hardens into tartar on tooth surfaces. Bacteria flock to the tartar, which prompts an inflammatory response that damages gum tissue. Loose and missing teeth can be the final outcome.

Other diseases can also affect your pet's dental and oral health. Oral cancer is a frightening, sometimes fatal disease that can be hard to catch without a professional evaluation. A decayed or broken tooth can cause serious pain, limiting your pet's ability to eat and take in nutrients. The breach in the tooth enamel can also allow bacteria into the jaw, creating destructive abscesses and possibly even damage to the heart and other major organs. If you want to spare your pet from these scenarios, you need to be scheduling regular dental care for them.

From Preventative Care to Oral Disease Treatment

Pet Vet Animal Hospital can nip many dental and oral concerns in the bud by providing annual (or even more frequent) dental exams. Any veterinarian at our clinic can check your pet's teeth and gums for any sign of damage and disease. We also perform professional teeth cleaning under general anesthesia (which ensures that we can remove tartar below the gum line as well as above). Cracked, decayed, or broken teeth can be mended or extracted, depending on the degree of damage and threat of infection. Infections can be cured through antibiotics, while oral cancer can respond to surgery and other treatments.

Schedule Dental Care at Pet Vet Animal Hospitals

Your pet can't schedule his own dental appointments -- he's depending on you to look out for his health. You can call Pet Vet Animal Hospitals at (281) 879-PETS to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian at any of our three Houston offices!

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