Caring for Pets Age Seven and Older

Pet Vet Animal Hospitals Offers Care For Pets Seven & Older

Pets that have reached the age of seven years or older are considered “senior" animals that may require special care. This is the age when certain health problems may surface that needs appropriate treatment to ensure a long and active life. At Pet Vet Animal Hospitals in Houston, TX, we provide specialized care for senior pets.

Pet Vet Animal Hospitals Offers Care For Pets Seven & Older

Senior Pets Need Special Care

The years take a toll on pets’ bodies, as they do on humans. Your pet may not be able to regulate body temperature as well. Appetite can diminish. They may be more reluctant to go on long walks. To keep them in good health, with good function to enjoy a high quality of life, older pets need more frequent veterinary monitoring and treatment. Your Houston veterinarian can provide thorough exams and treatment of minor problems, as well as treat more serious health conditions.

Common Problem of Senior Animals

Your pet may develop osteoarthritis, with joint pain and stiffness. Less exercise can lead to increased weight. The function of internal organs can slow down or might be impaired sufficiently to cause deterioration in health. Teeth may develop problems. Immune system function can become diminished. These factors can lead to decreased function and discomfort in older animals. Medications and therapies are available to help senior pets enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Your Houston Vet Provides Intensive Vet Care For Senior Pets

The Pet Vet Animal Hospital veterinarians will give your senior pet a comprehensive physical exam to detect any problems with eyes, ears, joints, heart, lungs, coat and skin. Laboratory testing can find urinary tract infections, internal parasites, or impaired function of the heart, liver, and kidneys. We will also check your pet for diabetes and proper weights, which can contribute to a variety of veterinary problems. Your veterinarian in Houston can also advise you on helping your senior to maximize health and function throughout life on issues such as feeding, exercise, grooming, frequency of veterinary visits and behavior problems.

Make Pet Vet Animal Hospitals Your Veterinarian in Houston For Senior Pet Care

The veterinarians and staff at Pet Vet Hospitals are committed to providing the highest quality care to their patients in Houston. We offer a variety of veterinary services, including wellness care, preventative care, dental care, general surgery, diagnostics, and senior care. We offer three convenient locations, on Highway 1, in Baybrook and on Southwest Freeway. Call Pet Vet Animal Hospitals today at 281-879-PETS to make an appointment at one of our locations and to learn about the special needs of senior pets

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