Your Dog’s Itchy Skin: Try Oatmeal

Your Dog’s Itchy Skin: Try Oatmeal

If you have ever had a rash or any other type of itchy skin, you know how terrible it is. Well, itchy skin can happen to your dog, too. It’s frustrating for both of you; he’s uncomfortable, you hate that he is and you now have to find out what’s going on and treat it. It can stem from a variety of things:

· Allergies

· Fungus

· Dry skin

· Oily skin

· And much more

So, what should you do for your pup’s skin problems?

First, see your vet. You don’t want to treat the wrong thing and let it get worse. Sometimes the itch is a symptom of something that can cause real damage, like lesions and pustules. Find out what it is and how to treat it. You might need medications, or it might be as simple as changing food, bedding, etc. Treatments can vary; you might need to give special baths, apply lotions or serums or give oral medication.

For minor skin irritations, try an oatmeal bath.

You’ve seen it as an ingredient in skin products before. It can be helpful for both you and your dog. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory benefits and can apply a little natural protection for the skin. It has the ability to soothe the itch in a safe, non-toxic way.

It's also easy to give an oatmeal bath. There are over-the-counter products you can buy. But, a lot of people already have the ingredients needed at home:

· Blender or grinder

· Unflavored oatmeal

· A tub for your dog

· Warm water (not hot so as to avoid drying out the skin)

· Pet-safe moisturizer

· Olive oil, or even a little honey

· A little milk

Grind down your oat meal and mix ½ to 1 cup with a few tablespoons of moisturizer, warm water, a tablespoon of olive oil and a splash of milk. Mix it well and use it as a shampoo when bathing your dog. Massage your dog well with it and try to keep him from drinking the water. You can also make a paste with the mixture to treat specific spots.

Rinse the mixture off and towel dry gently; don’t rub hard because you’ll remove that light film that protects your dog’s skin. Brush as usual.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a cure for anything; it’s just a natural way to help relieve itching. And, if your dog has a history of allergic reactions, speak with your vet before trying this remedy. Remember to talk to us at Pet Vet Hospitals before trying anything that concerns you as a treatment. We’re here to help.

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